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Transfer funds to another account

This script demonstrates transfer proccess between two MSP accounts using MSP API interface.


you can transfer automatic payments to another MSP user using bellow PHP Coding
View API Online View API online for integrate in your website
Download API Download API script and integrate in your website for instasnt payment transfer


First 5 variables need to edit only
Variable Description Example
$merchant_id Merchant ID in the system MySidePay. Assigned to the merchant automatically after adding a store to your account. Your store must be moderated 9876
$merchant_account Merchant Account is your MySidePay Account ID. MSP786687
$merchant_ipn_pwd Merchant Password in the system MySidePay. Which you added in merchant during add your website . Merchant IPN password [email protected]
$receiver_account Receiver Account is your MySidePay Account ID. MSP7678678
$amount you need to send amount in numbers like 10 sont use currency sign 10
$currency Currency of payment. Available currencies USD will b used for $ sign USD

Dont change variable names just store required things in above variables